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Ingress was one of the first location-based games that was played by an appreciable population, and today it still has some of the best mechanics and player base around. More locations continue to be added, and in the face of the wildly popular Pokemon Go, stands as a deeper and more involved choice for a location game.
Transform the real world into a global game of mystery, intrigue, and control right in the palm of your hand with Ingress Prime.

In Ingress Prime, you uncover a mysterious energy source that has been found by scientists. Join The Enlightened, who want to embrace its power, or link up with The Resistance and defend humanity from its influence.

Enter a competitive world featuring real-life locations as you solve puzzles, acquire objects, capture nodes at different points of interest, and more. The game is played all over the world, with players participating and coordinating over an Intelligence Map on which real-world locations are overlaid.

Players will need to form alliances and cooperate at a local level in order to fend off their opposing faction.

Be welcomed into the world of Ingress Prime for iPhone.

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