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About Incredible Mandy

Pierce the dreams in Incredible Mandy for iPhone.

Explore the dreams and the secrets that they hold for a brother and sister in Incredible Mandy for iPhone.

This game takes you on an adventure from deep canyons to mountain peaks to sea shores to hidden corridors and more as you go deep into the memories of 2 people that are buried deep in their dreams. These dreams represents and untold secret of the brother and sister. There are puzzles to solve and clues to search for in this game.

You can also use your sword and your mind. The game features 8 levels that are radically different from one another filled with dozens of puzzles. These puzzles are designed according to that level's unique environment. There are also 8 boss fights where you must look for their weaknesses and knowing when to strike or not.

This game offers around 15 hours of game play.

Get this game for $2.99.

Go to the dreams in Incredible Mandy for iPhone.  

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