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About Icon Explorer

Icon Explorer is an application that allows you to browse, search, retrieve and manage your files icons. It holds both the independent and executable icons and icons 32bits.

Icon Explorer also includes a powerful search engine that redirects you to the directory where the icons are located. These can either be saved as an icon, image-individual icon or bitmap.

Here are some of the many icon formats accepted by Icon Explorer: TIFF images (*. tif, *. tiff), GFI Fax Image (*. fax) SGI images (*. bw, *. rgb, *. rgba, *. sgi) Truevision images (*. tga, *. vst, *. icb, *. vda, *. win) Autodesk images files (*. cel, *. pic), JPEG images (*. jpg; * jpeg), Photoshop Image (*. psd, *. pdd), etc..

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