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The official IMDb app provides users with a comprehensive database of information on movies, TV series, actors and actresses, directors, production credits and more. Whether you're a movie geek that needs to look up the details of an obscure film, or a casual movie-goer looking up screen times and trailers for the latest blockbuster, you'll be able to get some serious mileage out of this app
Know the latest movies, TV shows and celebrities with IMDb for the iPad.

IMDb is a database of many movies, TV shows and celebrities. Want to know more about a particular movie aside from its cast and name? IMDb offers more information than that. Now, you can get access to that kind of information, facts and details right in your iPad. This app features over 2 million movies and TV shows, 4 million actors, directors and crew members, movie showtimes, TV listings, DVD releases, news, TV recaps and many more.

Know more about movies, TV and celebrities with IMDb for the iPad.

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