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About Hyper Light Drifter

Join the Drifter in Hyper Light Drifter for iPhone.

From the PC to your Phone, join one of the Drifters in their mission in Hyper Light Drifter for iPhone.

In a savage land full of treasures and blood, join one such Drifter as he collects not just forgotten knowledge and lost technologies but also a way to stop a vicious disease from taking over his body. Bringing the best of 16 bit classics with modern mechanics and designs, you get to play this game in 60 to 120 fps depending on your device.

It also has Haptic vibration, compatibility with MFi controllers and Game Center achievements. Each part of the animation is hand crafted and an exclusive soundtrack from Disasterpiece. You can upgrade weapons, discover various equipment and learn new skills in this game.

There are many branching paths and secrets to unlock in this game.

Get this game for $4.99.

A lost world comes to life in Hyper Light Drifter for iPhone.

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