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About Hydro Thunder Hurricane (Windows 8)

Play an action packed speedboat racing on your Windows 8 with Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is a paid app for the Windows 8 PC by Microsoft Studios which lets you race a speedboat on themed environments, gorgeous visuals, and amazing dynamic water physics.

The app will test your skills in 11 mysterious and dangerous race environments including Monster Island, the Bermuda Triangle and the Area 51. All of which is packed with massive jumps and drop-offs, secret shortcuts, destructible objects, and special events.

The Hydro Thunder Hurricane game features; A roller coaster racing experience, Dynamic water physics, Master 20 classic and new rocket-powered speedboats, Race against your friends and earn achievements and get to the leaderboards.

Note: to enjoy this game you may have to upgrade to Windows 10. Price: $9.99

Download the Hydro Thunder Hurricane game now and become a top speedboat racer.

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