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About Hour Blocks: Day Planner

Take control of your days with Hour Blocks: Day Planner for iPhone.

Take back the control you have in your day with Hour Blocks: Day Planner for iPhone.

This app takes the digital calendar to new heights as it helps organizes your day as a student, parent or even a business owner. It presents a chronological timeline of your next day in 24 hours. Focusing squarely in this makes sure that you are full focused on what is needed to be done for the day, for that hour.

Just tap on an Hour Block, type what task or appointment is needed to be done and that's it. An icon will automatically generate for that hour. The app can also suggest hour blocks based on your previous activities as well.

You can use this app even with the Calendar app.

Get started by the hour with Hour Blocks: Day Planner for iPhone.

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