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In a world of Uber and other more advanced ridesharing apps, Hitch a ride seems archaic and outdated, from premise to execution. The app does nothing more than create a post with a screenshot of a Google maps route plot and a message showing how desperate you are for a ride.
Get to places with the power of social media with Hitch a ride for the iPhone.

With Hitch a ride, you can now get a ride to where you are going by leveraging social media to share your desired destination. The app allows you you to post to social media your current location, the place you need to get to, and how much you're willing to pay to get there.

Hitch a ride features Facebook integration, Twitter integration, a minimap attached to your posts, in-app route plotting, and much more. You can also shorten URLs to your Hitch a ride posts, useful for sharing on SMS.

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