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Hitch is a brilliant concept that takes away the randomness of online matchmaking and puts it in the hands of your closest friends. Whether or not that's a good thing is dependent on how you choose your friends, but usually it pans out well, with a fun experience shared between friends that could very well lead to some fine dating. Unfortunately, the experience with the app is marred by bugs, problems with signing in, and the atrocious invite-only system that greatly hampers the creation of connections.
Play matchmaker for your friends with Hitch.

Dating these days consists of browsing through profiles or having algorithms determine who's best for you - it's really a hit-or-miss process that can either set you up with someone you might not like, or force you to pick from choices like a buffet. Hitch shakes up the monotony and potential awkwardness of the online dating game by having you set up your friends, filling the role of the dating app and letting you decide.

Sign up with your Facebook account and match two of your friends from within the app to set them up for a chat. Your friends can start chatting right away, but they'll only know each other by their gender and age, with no names or photos to identify themselves to each other. Your friends each will have the option to reveal their identity, but from this point, it's all on them - you only light the fire, and it's up to them to keep it alive.

You can also meet new people with Hitch, as the app lets you discover interesting people around you, and filter them by location and shared interests. You'll be able to like people that you want to meet, and chat with them from within the app.

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