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About Hero Project Redemption Season

Play the interactive adventure story of superheroes on your Android with Hero Project Redemption Season.

Hero Project Redemption Season is a free game app for the Android which is the third installment of the three part adventure book and is from the popular first adventure book entitled Heroes Rise: The Prodigy

In this third sequel, you turned out having a unique power of gaining different animal attributes every time you wake up in the morning and unfortunately, you don't have any control of what comes out. Will these powers take you to through the next rounds of  games or tests, or will these give you a handicap. Can you convince the viewers that it will be enough to take you far into the competition and teach them what being a hero is all about. Fight for what you believe is right or fight through radical methods and achieve your goals.

Along the way you will make choices that will control the flow of the story, these decisions will make an ultimate impact on the outcome of your game, so choose wisely.

Download the Hero Project Redemption Season now and change the world.

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