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About Hero Academy 2

Play a Hero with Hero Academy 2 for the iPhone.

Hero Academy 2 is a free game app for your iPhone which lets you test your skills in strategy with this merry and jovial battle between friends.

Gather your Heroic teams and engage in a friendly contests on the academy playing fields, this will be a contest of tactics and skill which the hero must learn to take advantage and capitalize against his opponents weaknesses to protect their crystal and win. Hero collection is card based and so you have to try to build up your deck of cards.

Hero Academy 2 also features a highly accessible turn based game, very easy to learn, with random playing fields, ability to customize your team, challenge and invite your Facebook and Twitter friends to play while chatting with them. Plus, with all new arenas to play on, new characters to play with and more exciting battles awaits.

Download the Hero Academy 2 and showcase your strategic skills.

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