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About Heartline Study

Be part of a study that could help save lives in Heartline Study for iPhone.

A stroke is no joke as it no.5 cause of deaths and is a leading cause of disability in the United States alone. Help combat stroke by participating in Heartline Study for iPhone.

This is a research study that explores on how technology like Apple Watch and iPhone can help detect atrial fibrillation or AFib, which is a leading cause of stroke. Phone users who are 654 years and above with or without an AFib diagnosis can take part in this study.

With this study, you will get to know more on how to manage your heart's health, on how a simple lifestyle change can make a huge impact for your heart and health, engage in activities that are heart healthy and be able to be financially compensated for joining the study. This app is integrated with Apple Health app.

Having Traditional or Original medicare is a requirement for joining the study.

Prevent strokes with Heartline Study for iPhone.

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