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Headspace's easy-to-follow and effective meditation guides are perfect for any kind of person, and its free Take10 guide is far more than just your average beginner course. It also comes with great stat tracking and a useful buddy system. The only downside is that really taking advantage of Headspace requires a rather expensive monthly or yearly investment, but if you really use it regularly, the benefits will likely outweigh the expense.
Learn meditation for a healthier life through your iPhone with Headspace.

Meditation has a wide variety of benefits - it can make you a better listener, provide greater self-awareness, reduce your stress levels, and a whole host of other positive effects. Headspace will show you how to take advantage of its powers.

Your key to health and happiness is just a few taps away in your iPhone with this app. It helps you not only in meditation but will also guide you on getting a good night's sleep. It teaches you on how to breathe, meditate and even live mindfully. There are various topics and exercises that you can do too. To sleep well, the app includes sleepcasts and sleep sounds.

Headspace is free to but there are subscription options and that you can go further in the program for $12.99 per month or $94.99 per year. You may also opt for a lifetime subscription for $399.99.

Sleep well using meditation with Headspace for iPhone.

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