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While Happify purports to be free to use, this is more of a limited free trial than anything else, and to actually make use of it, you need to pay a relatively unhappy fee every month to even unlock a few more tracks. It's also not a one-size-fits-all solution for positivity, and your mileage will definitely vary.
Start on the road to a happier life with Happify.

Happify helps you work in some new habits that reduce stress, overcome negativity, and become happier, with just a little effort every day. The app provides proven techniques that scientists and experts have developed based on evidence-based interventions, and decades of research in the fields of positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and others.

The app includes ambient sound tracks that you can hear to better afterwards, activities that can make you feel better, and much more. Choose a track to achieve your goal - whether it be building self-confidence, fueling career success, conquering negative feelings, or any and all of over 30 others - and become a better you in no time.

Happify is free, with a subscription to Happify Plus unlocking more features such as progress tracking.

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