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The Happify app focuses on building your emotional intelligence to build a habit of a positive outlook on life, through short mini-games, quizzes, guided meditations and other activities to live a happier, more fulfilling life through a set of personalized activities.
Do some happy exercises and achieve a happy better life with Happify app for iPhone.

Happify is a free app for iPhone which gives you some activities to perform that should bring about a happier life and feel good about yourself.

There are also ambient sound tracks that you can hear and feel better afterwards, activities hat you can do that should let you feel better about your life, this are according to research from psychologists and neuroscientists.

Some of the features of the app includes activities, quizzes, and games that you can do even on the go, build skills, read inspiring activity posts, like and comment about them, fell relaxed to guided audio,  and measure your progress, plus so much more.

Download Happify now and feel better, live better.

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