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Send real greeting cards to your loved ones with Handwrytten Notes & Greetings for the Android.

Handwrytten Notes & Greetings is a free app for the Android which lets you send real personalized and customized greeting cards.

The app will assist you in sending real cards to your family & friends with your handwritten cards and notes in pen & ink which may include a gift card, then a machine will write your notes on a real card in realistic hand writing font, with the address on the envelope and may come with an optional gift card, and with real stamp and send it through the mail and be received by your intended person.

You'll sure to find what need with the app's numerous greeting categories. You may choose what style of handwriting that you like and nothing really beats a personalized tangible greeting card gift for your loved ones.

Download the Handwrytten Notes & Greetings app now and share your thoughts and heart felt greetings.

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