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Numerous route tracking issues hamper the effectiveness of HUDWAY's feature set, but its clever implementation as a reflected HUD as well as very decent and readable interface elements make it a passable choice. Some of the critical features are locked away behind a paywall, though, making it not quite a "free" app.
Get help in driving in low visibility conditions with HUDWAY for the Android.

HUDWAY is a  which lets you smartphone act as your accessory for giving you a Head-up-Display (HUD) which helps you navigate on heavy rain or fog through snow or darkness.

HUDWAY provides you with a Heads-Up Display, or HUD, that reflects off your windshield so you can see readouts and information without obstructing your view. The app can help you drive in the darkness or in inclement weather conditions, generating the route you're driving, and creating an easy-to-read preview of it that you can view easily while you're driving.

HUDWAY works with Google Maps as well as OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. It allows you to automatically create a route anywhere you are by using your destination, as well as use transit points to create a specific route. You can even track a route with GPS and save it offline for later use, get turn-by-turn directions, and share routes with friends over Facebook or Twitter.

The app also features a professional voice assistant that acts as a virtual co-pilot, as well as customizable road visualization, animated 3D road view, speed calculation, acceleration calculation and more.

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