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About HTTPS Everywhere (Google Chrome)

Secure your internet with HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome.

A popular extension from another browser (Firefox) is HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome.

With this add on, your internet surfing can be safe and secure by automatically switching websites from insecure "http" to that of a secure "http". This is important in order to prevent online surveillance, online account hacking and in some cases web censorship.

There are many websites out there that have limited support for encryption over HTTPS but is difficulty to use. So what this add on does is rewriting the requests in these sites as a way to fix these websites.

If the browser lock icon is broken or has an exclamation mark, then it means that you are vulnerable in a sense that your private date and personal internet habits will be eavesdropped by others.

This extension will protect you from being spied on.

Web pages will look weird when in use with this add on, thus you can disable it for that site suing a simple button on the address bar in the top right side of your screen.

Encrypt for security and safety with HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome. 

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