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Be imaginative as you solve the puzzles in Gorogoa for iPhone.

There are puzzles that you must arrange and combine in various imaginative ways in Gorogoa for iPhone. An original in terms of gameplay, this game has hand drawn illustrations created by Jason Roberts, so when you play, its like being in a work of art.

You must navigate a series of layered images, manipulating and even moving them in many ways in order to advance in the game. Like for example, a circle drawn becomes a door when on top of a matching frame. Both items and characters are allowed to move between worlds when connections are made.

The puzzle mechanics are distinguished and meticulously detailed for you to solve and be at awe with. You can even play this game with one hand.

A beautiful way to solve puzzles is in this game.

Play this game for $4.99.

Make solving puzzles with beauty with Gorogoa for iPhone.

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