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Your mileage will always vary with Google Translate, whose accuracy depends on a wide variety of factors ranging from target language to length of text to be translated. However, it remains among the most accurate translation solutions out there, and the app provides a great number of easy text and voice input options that make translating and communicating easier than ever.
Google Translate is an iOS app that allows users to easily translate words and phrases various languages.

Google Translate features powerful translation tools, such as text translation over 108 languages, camera translation of text in 38 languages, two-way automatic speech translation in 108 languages, and support for finger handwriting input, an offline translation over 59 languages, conversation mode of over 52 languages and 95 translations for handwriting.

The app also allows users to star and save translations for easy future recall, and to take photos of text for higher-quality translations or to get translations that aren't in the 88 supported languages in instant camera translation.

Google Translate
also features offline translation capabilities, which allows users to download language packs that can be used without an internet connection.

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