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Google Translate's accuracy depends on a wide variety of factors ranging from target language to length of text to be translated. However, it remains among the most accurate translation solutions out there, and the app provides several input options ranging from the usual onscreen keyboard method to finger handwriting and two-way speech translation, that make translating and communicating easier than ever.
Google Translate is an Android app that allows users to easily and accurately translate words and phrases.

Google Translate makes use of the powerful Google Translate machine translation service to provide some of the most accurate automatic translation available to users.

The app allows for a wide variety of input methods that make it easy to translate any text, including in-camera translation of text in 38 languages, typing translation in 103 languages and support for finger handwriting input for 93 languages in lieu of standard keyboard input.

Users can even have conversations using this app, thanks to two-way automatic speech translation that works for 32 languages.

The app also keeps a record of all translations performed, and allows users to star and save translations for easy future recall and reference. Users can also capture photos of text and save them for later upload, in order to get higher-quality translations or for translations from languages that camera translation does not support.

Google Translate can be used without internet connectivity, offering translation capability on the go.

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