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Sky Map has served well for years since it was launched, and the app continues to be updated in 2016 with more information, and fixes and updates for the latest devices. It remains an institution in the world of app stargazing, and has a great feature set, excellent performance, and tremendous usability all in one free package that has stood the test of time.
Sky Map turns your Android mobile device into an amazing stargazing companion that you can use simply by pointing it towards where you're looking.

Utilizing your phone's gyroscope, compass and accelerometer sensors, as well as your current location, Sky Map gives you access to a complete planetarium right in the palm of your hand. The app provides an interactive star chart that is calibrated to your current location, which you'll hold up at arm's length so it can identify exactly what you're looking at.

Sky Map
features an overlay of the constellations in the sky, visible stars, heavenly bodies like the Moon, the Sun, and the planets. You can also search for celestial objects, which the app will point you towards, and even turn back time so you can see how the sky appeared at different times in history, and at different locations.

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