Download Google Play Books 5.4.0 for iPhone OS

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About Google Play Books

Google Play Books lets you read books on the Go in your iPhone.

Choose from the millions of titles available on Google Play including new releases, best sellers, new authors and free books. There are about millions of books to choose from. Personalization is easy and you can pick up your reading wherever you left off on your phone. With its recent changes, it has become more stabilized and is now integrated with Google Play. 

Google Play Books
will let you store of your own titles plus any of the millions available for purchase in the Google Play Store itself. You can now even access your books via Cloud.

You can also read books offline, has night reading mode, VoiceOver support, archive your books after reading and more. You can also change the fonts and get more information about the book and search for within the book. There are also book previews, no monthly subscription, pick up where you left off and more.

Read more in your iPhone with Google Play Books.

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