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Unlimited storage of really high-quality photos and videos? Check. Incredible "visual search" feature that is unparalleled by any other app? Check. Easy album sharing? Check. Photo and video editing tools? Check. Google Photos ticks all the checkmarks for excellent media collection management, and does more than other apps too. An essential choice for avid mobile photo fanatics.
Organize and search through your photo collection with Google Photos for Android.

With Google Photos, all of your photos can be managed in one, easily-searchable place. The app pioneered its amazing visual search feature, which allows you to look through your photos by searching for objects or places that appeared in them.

Google Photos comes with unlimited online storage, and lets you automatically delete photos from your device that have already been backed up to the cloud. You can also easily create collages, montages, animations and more with a single tap, or view automatically created ones that the app has made for you. You can even edit photos with quick but powerful photo and video editing tools.

Google Photos features shared albums that can be seen across all platforms, and can privately share photos easily. It also allows for instant sharing of up to 1,500 photos.

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