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Google Chrome is among the best browsers out there. It's incredibly fast and minimalistic, yet still packed with sophisticated features. It's also, in a way, its own operating system, with the Web Store that allows you to run complete software that not so long ago would have required separate, inconvenient installations. Thousands of extensions enhance the functionality of Chrome in countless ways. The syncing features are very convenient, too. Chrome still has problems with memory leaks, consuming plenty of RAM even with just a few tabs open, but this is a small problem compared to how much better it is than the competition.
Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Google Chrome is based off the Chromium open-source browser project, and represents Google's branch of the project. Chrome features excellent security, stability, and high-performance rendering, all under the hood of an elegant, minimalist user interface designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Google Chrome allows users to sync their tabs, bookmarks, and history by allowing them to sign into their Google Account within the browser. This synchronization allows users to send tabs from desktop to mobile, share a unified set of bookmarks and shared browsing history, and sign into Google websites instantly. You'll also get to keep your configuration and even your saved passwords across other devices.

Chrome supports the vast majority of web standards, including JavaScript and HTML5. It also has its own extensions, which enhance the functionality of the browser. It also comes with its own Web Store, which allows you to get Chrome Apps that work directly within the browser itself.

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