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Feel refreshed waking up with Good Morning - Alarm Clock for iPhone.

If you wake up well, then your day will just get better and be more productive in your work or school. Good Morning - Alarm Clock brings the start to your day by waking you up refreshed and ready. This is a smart alarm clock in your iPhone That finds the optimal time to wake you up.

It does this by using your phone's accelerometer to monitor your movements while sleeping and detects the lightest phrase of your slumber. It is at that point it is decided to wake you up. There is a 30 minute window before waking you up so it just wakes you up gently not suddenly.

The app also records your sleep, gives advice, weekly stats, gives the weather forecast and  more. You can make use of your favorite tunes or the app's alarm tunes to wake you up.

And if you need to get to sleep, you can listen to your own music or fall asleep with the app's own sounds.

Play this app for $4.99.

Sleep well and wake up well with Good Morning - Alarm Clock for iPhone.

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