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Find everyone in Gone Home for iPhone.

You may have been gone for a year but when you got home, it is not the homecoming you expect. Everyone is missing and things are not what it used to be around at home. Solve the mystery in Gone Home for iPhone.

In this game, you must unravel the mystery lurking from what seemed to be a normal house and the people living in there. You can open any door, pick up any object and examine each one for clues. Every detail of the house is recreated with the rounds of a rainstorm outside making it an immersive experience.

This game features a story created by the same people behind the BioShock series as well as Minerva's Den.

Despite this game being an interactive exploration simulator, there are no puzzles to be solved as well as no combat to face. All you have to do is just to explore the house. There are also over 90 minutes of commentary on making this game.

Get this game for $4.99.

Explore the house in Gone Home for iPhone.

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