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About Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood

Play a fun tower defense game on your Android with Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood.

Goblin Defenders is a free game app for the Android which lets you try to defend from the attacking hordes of goblins that will come from all directions.

Tons of goblins will try to come at you in every direction, it is your job to stop these monsters from reaching your beloved city and protect it from them. Place towers of various power & effect and put them in a strategic places to maximize their effectiveness. Be sure to target the sheep too, they have a surprise for you.

The game also features 10 maps to play in, with 5 unique environments, 7 types of towers, 3 difficulty levels, against 9 special monsters, and 5 bosses. With great music, upgradable towers, and bonus rounds.

Download the Goblin Defenders: Steel'n'Wood now and stop the goblin's assault on your city.

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