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Ghostery is a very simple browser on its face, with no add-ons, cloud syncing, or other modern features that you'd expect to find on a mobile browser. However, its primary purpose works completely under the hood, protecting you from data trackers and ensuring your privacy. Ghostery is a great choice if you're worried about your data being collected, and you don't care too much about modern browsing features.
Maintain your privacy while browsing the net with Ghostery Privacy Browser for Android.

Ghostery Privacy Browser is a secure mobile browser which prevents anyone from tracking your online behavior.

Whatever you share, read, buy, and click on the internet gets detected and collected by data providers so that they can sell your data to advertisers to specifically target your interests and feed you with the appropriate ad. Ghostery detects the scripts that these data companies use to track your activity, and blocks them from detecting your online activity.

Ghostery Privacy Browser makes use of the same functionality and features as the Ghostery desktop browser extension, and works completely without any additional fees. The app is supported by Ghostrank, which sends the information about data trackers that your phone has gathered to Ghostery.

The feature is off by default, can be turned on to support Ghostery, and sends completely private, anonymized information that can't be used to track your behavior.

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