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About Ghostery (Chrome)

Protect your browsing privacy with Ghostery for Chrome.

The internet is not all roses and rainbows as there are a lot of threats lurking around waiting to get your personal information like passwords. Prevent that by installing Ghostery.

This add on lets you detect threats like trackers, beacons, behavioral data providers, learning those behind it, block scripts and more.

The add on has a feature called Smart Blocking. This feature makes it possible for you to surf and experience faster loading of web pages and optimizes their performance by blocking and unblocking automatically the trackers in order to meet the page quality criteria. There is also an enhanced Anti Tracking function that adds another layer of security for your privacy. 

As you use this extension, it offers Ghostery Rewards. This is a private by design and optional feature that offers you deals as you browse and buy stuff online.

Prevent being watched in your browsing with Ghostery.

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