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Geocaching has come a long way since its hobbyist origins, but the latest version of the app is a step backwards in many ways, with a weaker UX, broken offline maps, and so many good features hidden behind an expensive premium subscription.
Dive into the world of geocaching right on your Android device with Geocaching Intro.

Geocaching can be called a huge worldwide treasure hunt, and with millions of geocaches all over the world, spread across over 185 countries, that title isn't just for show. Join participants from all over the world with Geocaching Intro and get access to features that can make geocaching easier and more fun.

Geocaching Intro features Live Search, which lets you see the location and details of geocaches near your current location. You'll also get to search for geocaching events, learn about trackable objects that move from geocache to geocache, and even communicate with other players.

Geocaching Intro is free, with a Premium upgrade that lets you enjoy features such as geocache searching across the world, offline maps, and advanced search tools.

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