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Geocache Navigator is a fully functional downloadable application, designed for the mobile BlackBerry device, which serves users as a practical tool usable for nature treks, road trips, family vacations, or just any average day calling for fun and adventure.

 Requiring no planning, special equipments, pre-mapping or jotting down of landmarks and notes, Geocache Navigator is affordable and easy to use to promote physical fitness for oneself or one’s family and friends. With this app, users can instantaneously access needed information they might need whenever and wherever they want. This software offers users the ability to search and look for treasures, with all the clues and maps already available and offered, for their use enabling them to never miss an opportunity to spontaneously find hidden caches.

Geocache Navigator provides users with various online resources to help them in their search. The application features on-the-go geocache search, readable logs, descriptions and hints, wireless connection to caches, a viewable cache location function using practical map format, as well as an easy to use interface to navigate between caches utilizing a digital compass on a unique radar-like display.

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