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The worlds of Funk Pop! and Gears of War clash in Gears POP! for iPhone.

Gears of War is a popular 3rd person shooter game that focuses on the conflict between humans versus the subterranean reptilian hominids called the Locust Horde and their counterparts, the Lambent and the Swarm. It is a popular franchise producing video games, comic books and novels.

And now a new game set in the Gears universe is happening in Gears POP! for iPhone.

This is a mobile game where the characters of the game are designed with a Funko Pop! twist. This is a real time nultiplayer game that is fast paces and tactical. The game features 30 characters for you to order, fight in iconic Gears battlefields, mix and match units, battle AI enemies, use the 'Ultimate' abilities and more.

You must have internet access in order to play this game.

They are waiting for your orders in Gears POP! for iPhone. 

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