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The Telltale Games formula has been tried and tested on many franchises, but Game of Thrones is quite possibly the developer's biggest universe tackled yet. Unfortunately it's rather less impactful than their other outings, playing things safe and not really advancing the story too much. Still, characters are fully fleshed-out, whether main or side, and it's a good piece of fiction to experience no matter what.
Experience an episodic story game set in the bloody, conflicted world of Westeros with Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones
is based on the popular HBO series, and in true Telltale Games fashion, has players making decisions throughout gameplay that allows them to decide the flow of the story. Each choice has impact, and the various characters remember their interactions with the player.

You will play as one of the 5 members of House Forrester, caught up in the war between the 5 kings and struggling to survive. You will have to make decisions along the way to determine your fate throughout the game and where you stand at its conclusion.

The first episode of the game is available as part of the initial purchase, then the remaining episodes can be purchased individually or as a discounted whole through the Season Pass.

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