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Rolling the dice in Galaxy of Pen & Paper for iPhone.

Be your own game master in Galaxy of Pen & Paper for iPhone. Role playing on a board game may seem like a nerdy thing to do with your friends but is a lot of fun. Galaxy of Pen & Paper brings the ultimate in role playing simulation right in your iPhone.

The turn based combat system takes you away on roleplaying in distant planets, fight aliens and save the galaxy in an era before Y2K, 1999.

You must assemble your own party by picking players, their races and classes. You can customize just about anything in this game. You go through your adventures in pen and paper in this game as there are stories with multiple decisions, spaceship battles, sci-fi classes, battles and so much more.

Play a classic version of a role playing simulation in this game. You can get this game for $3.99.

Roll the space and explore the universe in Galaxy of Pen & Paper for iPhone. 

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