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Grave Defense HD Free is a downloadable game app for Android that features a tower defense game with elements of survival horror.

Grave Defense HD free delivers a unique tower defense game, which is set on the post-apocalyptic world of nuclear war and zombie outbreak. The zombies aren’t the only one to pay attention with. Players will also encounter some of history’s most notorious bad asses like, Dracula and Frankenstien. Like the entire tower defense objective, the players must effectively install all the weapons and obliterate wave of mutants and zombies that will get pass your area. Of course the resources are limited and players must maximize the provided weapons on each level.

Each battle field is unique and player can witness different locations like the Amazon Rainforest, the Bermuda triangle and even on an Alien planet.

Overall, the game captured the good qualities of a tower defense game genre, with its amazing graphics and game design. Get the full version to fully experience Grave Defense madness on your Android device.

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