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About Fury Wars

Play a multiplayer third person shooting game on your Android with Fury Wars.

Fury Wars
is a free game app for Android which is an arcade multiplayer shooting game against online players.

You first choose your unique hero character, each of these character have their own unique skills and abilities in combat, they also use a various unique weapons with wacky effects. Then go forth into the battle arena then start shooting each competitors for supremacy.

The player have to adapt to the terrains and each rival's weapon effects, for the weapons used are not just your typical rifle, rockets, or grenades, they have these outrageous effects such as frying up your foes with an electric trident, or slicing up your foes with a unicorn's horns, or fling an explosive fish at your enemies, etc. You'll never know what can your enemy's weapons does to you unless you're at the other end of it.

Download Fury Wars and eliminate all of your rivals in the game.

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