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Hassle free management of your money with Fudget for iPhone.

Managing, tracking your money, and creating a semblance of a budget can be time consuming, frustrating and even stressful. Money is not everything but it is an essential part of life and one that we need in just about anything we wear, travel, eat and so much more.

Remove the stress of calculating and looking at your money with Fudget for iPhone.

If all you need is a simple app to input your finances, then this app is the solution you are looking for as you can create simple lists, has one tap adding and editing, drag to reorder items, choice of currency symbols, mark expense as "paid", tap star for repetitive expenses and more. There is no time constraints in this app so you can use it however you like.

The app is so simple that you can learn its interface in seconds. There is also a TouchID login.

A simple check of your money with Fudget for iPhone.  

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