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FL Studio has come a long way from its primarily loop-based roots. Today, it looks and feels like a professional digital audio workstation, with a beautiful, highly customizable UI that comes with several preset layouts, putting whatever you need front and center. It's got excellent VST support, easy but detailed audio editing, and powerful automation features, as well as a wide variety of built-in plugins that are sure to satisfy the needs of even professional mixers.
FL Studio is a DAW, or digital audio workstation, that allows for the production of music and audio through virtual instruments, loop sequences, and live recorded instruments.

Like Mixcraft, FL Studio packs a whole recording studio into a single piece of software. FL Studio allows users to overlay multiple audio tracks, apply mixing and reverb effects, and make use of a wide variety of plugins that can be used within the software. FL Studio does all this with a 32-bit floating point audio processing engine that supports up to 192KHz sampling rates. The mixer supports numerous multichannel configurations, including 5.1 and 7.1 outputs.

With FL Studio, users interact with the software through a brand-new vector-based UI that scales to any resolution or window size, remaining crisp and readable no matter how you run the program. FL Studio now also supports multitouch, so tablet users or users with touchscreen displays will be able to take advantage of a brand-new way to manage their audio production.

Like most major DAWs, FL Studio supports VSTs, among which are various synthesizers, samplers, and incredibly complex virtual instruments that can often sound just like the real thing.

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