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About Frenzy Hero

Play a turn based strategic MMO RPG game on your iPhone with Frenzy Hero.

Frenzy Hero is a free game app for the iPhone which lets you try to form a team of heroes to explore the dungeons and start adventuring.

The kingdom is under siege by powerful monsters, you form a team of heroes and meet the challenges of the enemy. Go deep inside the dungeons and engage them in combat. Use strategically the powers of your team mates in order to be victorious in battle. Each of your tem has their own skills and attributes so use them wisely.

There are 5 game modes to enjoy, with boss raids and a PvP arena, the also sports 3D graphics, hundreds of hero characters to choose from to form a team, with upgradable skills and equipments and with intense battles that awaits you.

Download the Frenzy Hero now and form the epic team to win your battles.

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