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FreeUndelete recovers “deleted” files from the Recycle Bin by looking for that data and rebuilds the reference based on it, making these files available for use again.
FreeUndelete is a free downloadable utilities software for Windows-based PC that recovers accidentally deleted files even after they have gone through the trash.

Any file can be recovered, because when you delete a file, Windows frees the space it occupied, but not the data that composed it, so this is how he can get his recovery.

FreeUndelete has a simple mode, also can be a bit too for completeness. Just do a scan of one of your hard drive. You also can add keywords as a filter. Once the scan is complete, a folder list will appear allowing you to choose what to retrieve. Caution, however, file names are sometimes not very explicit and it is not easy to know what it is.

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