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Play a very popular card game on your iPhone with FreeCell :).

FreeCell :)
is a free app for the iPhone by TicBits Ltd which is one of the most popular games from Windows. In this game you will be required to be patient and be smart to be able to beat the game. After dealing the 52 cards of the deck, you should try to move all of the cards to the foundation stack by using the 4 free cell spots as placeholders. Sounds easy enough? then try to play this game and find out how it can be frustrating to others.

The game features a statistics to track your progress, a game center integration to see who's best at FreeCell :) and a quest mode to unlock the secret of the castle and free the king from his cell.

If you played FreeCell :) before on your computer then it's now here on your iOS devices. Play it anywhere and anytime with great graphics and easy to navigate game play.

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