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About Free Keylogger

Free Keylogger is a shareware security software for Windows PC that monitors and records everything that happens on a given computer including keyboard input.

Free Keylogger is the solution you need if you want to monitor your children, for example, when they are on the computer but you can not always be behind them. It lets you know what they are doing on your computer and what websites they are looking at. This program also stores screenshots of the websites visited.

Free Keylogger collects extensive information such as network activity, a "log" file of Web pages visited, and activity on the computer. Free Keylogger also has the advantage of carrying out the screenshots at regular intervals, recording the keys that were typed and instant messages, etc.

Free Keylogger
has the ability to know what are the elements that were copied and pasted and know which destinations it is. Free Keylogger is easy to use and invisible to the user during the operating period: accessible only via a combination of configurable shortcuts.

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