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About FortGuard Firewall

FortGuard Firewall by FortGuard Technology is a shareware that protects the computer against DDoS. It runs in different platforms like Windows 2003 32-bit and Windows 2000 Server.

FortGuard Firewall provides a protection against DDoS attacks. It is the most accurate and has a high performance in protecting the computer against DDoS attacks. Its features built-in intrusion prevention system, protection against SYN, TCP flooding and other types of DDoS attacks, real-time visibility of attack packets, TCP flow control, attack packets filtering, UDP/ICMP/IGMP packets rate management, IP blacklist and whitelist, disable/enable proxy access on the application Layer, stop over 2,000 types of hacker activities, such as Port scan, SQL injection, protection against arp spoofing; compact & comprehensive log files.

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