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About Forgotton Anne

Nobody wants to be forgotten in Forgotton Anne for iPhone.

A cinematic adventure set in The Forgotten Lands, a magical world where all lost and forgotten items like, toys, socks, letters and more stay and longing to be remembered. Forgotton Anne features these objects bought to life, brimming with personality called the Forgotlings.

You play as Anne, the human en former of this world, tasked to keep order in this place. However, she discovers a rebellion that might causes Anne to never return to the Human world. Join her in her journey to stop the rebellion, uncover the truth and find her way back home.

You must also be careful of the words you say and the actions you take as it can alter the story being told in the game thanks to a branching dialogue system. You must also help Anne, run, leap and soar. There are also puzzles to solve and be at awe at hand drawn visuals using traditional techniques in animated films.

The music performed in this game is performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

A game with heart in Forgotton Anne for iPhone. 

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