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Somewhat inadequately stocked with information, Flush Toilet Finder's usefulness varies with location. At least they do live up to their promise of being updated often, so over time perhaps it'll get better. The app itself is easy to use and is stocked with features appropriate to toilet-finding, and even works offline, so it has those going for it.
Find a toilet in a public place through your Android with Flush - Crowdsourced Toilets.

With Flush - Crowdsourced Toilets, you can quickly find a public toilet whenever you need to, wherever you are. The app features a collection of over two hundred thousand public toilets stored for easy access even when offline.

Each listed restroom contains information about whether they have a fee or provide disabled access. If you're online when you search for a restroom, you can tap on the map and quickly get accurate directions to the restroom from your location provided by Google Maps. The database is constantly being added to so you'll always have information about restrooms near you.

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