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About Flow by Moleskine

Bring the experience of a Moleskine notebook to your iPhone with Flow by Moleskine.

When it comes to notebooks, Moleskine comes right near the top for their versatility and use. Bring that experience to the digital era with Flow by Moleskine, the "iPad App of the Year", for iPhone.

With this app, you can make simple drawings to complex works of art as well as notes. It bring a lot of personalization with combinations for paper types, colors and tools. There is also a feature where you can create your own set of tools like a virtual pencil so that you don't need to constantly change the size, colors and style.

The app also has infinite width documents with uninterruptible creation, dark and light paper, hideable interface, drag and drop documents and can multitask.

There is a membership subscription when using this app.

Turn your iPhone into a notebook with Flow by Moleskine.

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