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Flipboard is all about that special magazine format, and it works like a charm, with a clear organization of content and a beautiful flipping interface that makes reading a joy wherever you are. The Discover feature is also great for finding new items that you can follow, while social integration is a definite big plus for social media junkies. A great app for keeping updated with favorite content.
Enjoy your very own personalized social magazine with Flipboard.

Flipboard aggregates the news and stories that you care about from all over the world, in a beautiful, easy-to-read, personalized social magazine. Browse your Twitter and Facebook newsfeed, send tweets from your Twitter timeline and photos from Instagram, and much more.

The app lets you browse through articles through the Discover feature, and save them with a single click, then create a magazine out of your saved stories, images, or videos. Fill the things you want and love to read from different blogs like Rolling Stones,New York Times, People, Vanity Fair, Lonely Planet and many more. You can search for anything you like, whether it be people, topics, hashtags, blogs, or more, and flip through them in your magazine.

Flipboard integrates with some of the most popular social networking sites, allowing you to combine your reading and flipping with your other social activities such as likes, comments, and shares. You can also easily share what you're reading with your friends, and get updates from your friends in turn.

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