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About FishAngler

Find your favorite fishing spot with FishAngler for iPhone.

Part of the fun of fishing is not just having to catch fish but also finding the right spot to get fish. FishAngler helps you find the best spot to fish as well as discover new spots right in your iPhone.

 The app features interactive maps, real time fishing forecasts, 45 catch attributes and more. When you explore fishing spots with this app, you can also get detailed information like the kind of species you expect to find, save GPS coordinates, detailed catch information and more.

You can use this app to search for fish in rivers, lakes, ponds, streams and even oceans. There is also a Solunar Fishing Forecast, NOAA marine Buoy and USGS inland station monitoring. This app also has a feature where you can track your tackle box of commonly used baits and lures, see which baits and tackle work best for a particular catch, search for fishing gear and more.

You also get to be connected to communities of Anglers, various fishing groups and clubs.

Enjoy fishing with FishAngler for iPhone. 

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