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There really isn't much here that you can't learn off the website in your free time, and it's not designed to be used in the heat of an emergency. However, its built-in quiz is somewhat useful in refreshing your first aid knowledge, and the list of nearby hospitals is much easier to access than having to search for them in Google Maps or others.
Stay on top of your emergency care knowledge with First Aid by American Red Cross for the iPhone.

First Aid by American Red Cross is a free app created by the American Red Cross provides advice and refresher courses on emergency medical procedures that you can perform on-site before professionals arrive. The app features instructional videos for procedures, interactive quizzes to help test your knowledge, safety tips for many major situations, and more tools that can help you with First Aid any time you need it.

Learn how to respond to emergencies with this app.

First Aid by American Red Cross
is fully integrated with emergency services so you can call 911 at any time with the tap of a button. The app also features offline preloaded content so that you have access to it at anytime even without an internet connection.

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